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A Hundred Days of Carnage, Twenty-Five Years of Rebirth

In the space of a hundred days, a million Tutsi in Rwanda were slaughtered by their Hutu neighbors. At the height of the genocide, as men with bloody machetes ransacked her home, Denise Uwimana gave birth to her third son. With the unlikely help of Hutu Good Samaritans, she and her children survived. Her husband and other family members were not as lucky.

If this were only a memoir of those chilling days and the long, hard road to personal healing and freedom from her past, it would be remarkable enough. But Uwimana didn’t stop there. Leaving a secure job in business, she devoted the rest of her life to restoring her country by empowering other genocide widows to band together, tell their stories, find healing, and rebuild their lives. The stories she has uncovered through her work and recounted here illustrate the complex and unfinished work of truth-telling, recovery, and reconciliation that may be Rwanda’s lasting legacy. Rising above their nation’s past, Rwanda’s genocide survivors are teaching the world the secret to healing the wound of war and ethnic conflict.

Includes 16 pages of color photographs.

3 comments on “From Red Earth: A Rwandan Story of Healing and Forgiveness”

  1. we need to read this other reviews have already told you about the book so i am just adding my voice to say this book needs to be read. we need to learn from this and yet our world has not learned. we did not prevent this and we did not provide aid until too late. all the world over we have refugees struggling with issues we cannot imagine and therefore we (as a whole) are too quick to build more walls. read this book and tear down the walls. learn from this and work toward change.i wanted to read the...

  2. Powerful read This was such a powerful story of Rwanda’s beauty, forgiveness, and resiliency. Author did a fabulous job sharing courageously and vulnerably. I learned so much about the genocide and while a tender and sometimes hard read [due to the suffering they endured], it was inspiring to learn ,ore about their story.

  3. Man's inhumanity to man followed by triumph of the human spirit This book spares no words at describing the brutality Rwandan Hutus unleashed on Rwandan Tutsis during the 100 day genocide in 1994. Between 800, 000 and 1 million people were murdered, many by neighbors, co-workers, even their pastors. But this book is not simply a chronicle that describes the brutality unleashed over those 100 days. It also describes the process after this horrific event, by which many people rebuilt their lives by forming strong social networks and following the words in the...

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