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We’re Good Earth Tea Co and we get tea because we love tea, we just do. Tea comforts us, gives us a lift, thrills us, drives us, and makes us want to share our passion with good people like you. That’s why we have one of the world’s top tea masters sourcing out leaves and ingredients from around the globe and right here at home. All to create unique, exotic and exciting blends. It’s a great day here at headquarters when we all get together with our tea master to sample these new blends, make suggestions to perfect them, and basically bond over tea all day. We’ve been at this for 40+ years, planting our roots in the 1970s with our original Sweet & Spicy Tea which went from a local favorite to a country wide “tell my friends but don’t take mine” tea. Good Earth now has teas that span all sorts of tea varietals, herbs, botanicals and flavors … naturally good things carefully chosen and masterfully blended together for a one-of-a-kind taste experience.

Product Features

  • Black tea tangled with warm notes of cinnamon and sweet bursts of orange
  • Also includes pops of exciting flavors like lemongrass, peppermint, anise seed, and ginger
  • Satisfy both your sweet and spicy sides with this remarkable tea that can be savored hot or cold
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Kosher certified and gluten free
  • Directions: Hot tea: pour boiling water over one tea bag in an 8 oz cup. Let steep for 3 - 4 minutes. Iced tea: Pour two cups of boiling water over 5 tea bags in a large container. Let steep for 10 minutes. Add two cups of cold water. Serve over ice

3 comments on “Good Earth Herbal & Black Tea, Sweet & Spicy, 18 Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6) (Packaging May Vary)”

  1. Progressively More Dissapointing I've been buying Good Earth Tea for close to 10 years. I really liked the flavor and felt a sense of comfort drinking it. In the past few years the taste has been questionable. Recently, I bought the Amazon bulk pack of 6 boxes. Every single one of the teabags I sampled from different boxes is bitter. I then purchased a box of Sweet and Spicy from another store and it was bitter. I then purchased another box from a neighboring state, hoping it would be from a different production batch, and it...

  2. NEW BATCH TASTES LIKE DIRTY DISH WATER!! What happened to this tea? I've been ordering it regularly, but this latest batch tastes like dirty dish water! Extremely disappointed... I love drinking this tea, and now have to find another source unless this happened to be a "bad batch". In which case, I am hoping the company replaces these horrible tasting ones...

  3. Got a REALLY bad batch Ok..this is going to sound weird given that I just gave this only 1 star (meaning I hate it), but I LOVE this tea.....usually. That is why I have been buying it by the case from Amazon. My last shipment however is very "off"....the paper tag at the end of the sting is all gooey and the tea itself tastes and smells really bad. I was hopeful that the Good Earth people would make good on it but they merely referred me back to Amazon so, now will try to get a refund or replacement from...

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