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Pack of 4 - We're Good Earth and we make tea. But we don't just stick to the ordinary stuff. We seek out the exotic. The unexpected. The moments where you can really let loose. Because that's what tea should do. and so that's how we make it. We've been at this for 40+ years, planting our roots in the 1970s with our Sweet and Spicy which went from a local favorite to a country-wide “tell my friends but don't take mine” tea. Good Earth now has teas that span all sorts of tea varietals, herbs, botanicals and flavors … naturally good things carefully chosen and masterfully blended together for a one-of-a-kind taste experience.

Product Features

  • Naturally caffeine free Rooibos red tea infusion
  • Bursts of sweet orange tangle with spicy cinnamon
  • Spiced with chicory root, rosehip, cinnamon, lemongrass, peppermint, chamomile, ginger root, anise seed, and orange peel
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Kosher certified and gluten free

3 comments on “Good Earth Teas Organic Sweet and Spicy Caffeine Free Herbal 18 Tea Bags, 4 Count”

  1. Sweet and Spicy not so sweet and spicy anymore! I bought this tea at a grocery store over a year ago and it was wonderful! I then ordered a quantity on line and received the same wonderful tea, This time when I ordered it was a shadow of its former self. I made contact with the company on the Good Earth website and received no response, very, very poor customer service on their part. So this is not an Amazon nor a vendor issue,It is a manufacturer problem.

  2. I loved this tea and am very disappointed What happened??? I ordered this because i couldn't find it in my store. The flavor is weak, weak, weak. Did you change the formula? I loved this tea and am very disappointed, and yes, I brew it the same as i did before.

  3. I ordered Good Earth Caffeine Free 4 months ago Why is this tea so hit and miss? I ordered Good Earth Caffeine Free 4 months ago, it tasted horrible, then the next time the order of tea tasted great, now my last order in April 2017 tastes horrible again. What is going on? Each time I order Caffeine Free, it is not the type. I tried the Organic Good Earth and that too tasted horrible. I'll try and get a refund on this one, not sure if Amazon will comply with my request.

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