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Would it unnerve you if a gigantic snail of huge, tremendous proportions slid up to our planet, stopped and peered at us all for however long he wanted? Would all countries deploy their defenses to stop this slimy shelled beast from staring intently at our planet and maybe into each one of our souls? Relax. It's just a snail. It sort of looks like a Professor Snail. He's been sliding along thinking about the next lecture he was going to give on Garden Fence Theory when all of the sudden he comes upon a PLANET! "Humpf" he says. But he doesn't go around us right away. He's captivated. Still a bit annoyed about being distracted during his daily slide through the neighborhood, but we are interesting enough to hold his attention. What he sees hasn't yet brought a smile to his face. He still seems disturbed. How would you feel staring at us from afar? I suppose we could think about what it is about us that isn't exactly enchanting him but that's for you to ponder. Maybe he's just hungry though, or feeling a bit too tight in his shell today, so don't necessarily take it personally! Just enjoy this mammoth snail and your planet together! When has this happened before?!? So now is the time to capture and wear it! Makes a wonderful gift for lovers of snails, reptiles, insects, animals, nature, ecology, gardening the environment and astronomy. Also for artists, drawers, fans of comics, cartoons, characters and animation. An original drawing by b. Mossman.

Product Features

  • Grumpy Snail approaching earth! He stops and stares at us! Should we be afraid? Should he be afraid? Here's the drama, captured! A great gift for lovers of snails, reptiles, insects, nature, the environment and astronomy. An original drawing by b. Mossman.
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

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