H. O. E: Heaven On Earth

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H.O.E stands for Heaven On Earth. This book is about how one can truly experience Heaven here on Earth, by first achieving optimal health. This can only be done through knowledge. ANY illness in the body that you may be dealing with, High-blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Headaches or just wanting to lose a few extra pounds, see how this book can guide you in the right direction towards possibly achieving your goal of experiencing optimal health. I will discuss how I was able to heal myself of many ailments as well as how I lost excess fat on my body. You will NOT regret the time you spend dissecting this small book.

3 comments on “H. O. E: Heaven On Earth”

  1. A Great Personal Journey I am pleased and blessed to know Emeka personally. So when he said he had a book out, I supported my friend and mentor. This book has helped me personally as I am on a journey for better health. Many of the situations he faced I struggled with. His approach has helped me in finding a better solution that works for me. I recommend this book for the simple reason that he is personally taking you on a health journey by walking with you and saying, "I been here and now I am going to help you." My...

  2. General knowledge not specific medical Good general knowledge book on health if you are looking for a basic compliation of health understanding. 5 stars because it touches a basic understanding of each area.

  3. Great gems Very informative book. It provides a lot of practical answers concerning topics such as meditation, dieting, fasting, and sleeping just to name a few. Short read that gets straight to the point.

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