Heal the Earth (Julian Lennon White Feather Flier Advent)

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Take a journey to help the Earth in the second book of the New York Times bestselling trilogy by Julian Lennon!

Jump aboard the White Feather Flier, a magical plane that can go wherever you want. This time, Lennon’s interactive book immerses children in a fun and unique journey where they can:

Bring medicine to people in need!
Dive below the ocean to bleached coral reefs!
Visit the city to cultivate green spaces!
Help the rain forest return and give its animals a home!
Explore the planet, meet new people, and help make the world a better place!

The Flier's mission is to transport readers around the world, to engage them in helping to save the environment, and to teach one and all to love our planet. Just press a button printed on the page, and point the plane up in the air to fly, or down to land it!

An inspiring, lyrical story, rooted in Lennon's life and work, Heal the Earth is filled with beautiful illustrations that bring the faraway world closer to young children. The book includes words to a new, special poem written by Julian Lennon, specifically for Heal the Earth.

A portion of the proceeds from book sales will go to support the environmental and humanitarian efforts of the White Feather Foundation, the global environmental and humanitarian organization that Lennon founded to promote education, health, conservation, and the protection of indigenous culture.

3 comments on “Heal the Earth (Julian Lennon White Feather Flier Advent)”

  1. Heal The Earth inspires from start to finish.. Purchased Julian's first children's book 'Touch The Earth' in 2017 & shared it with family members, they loved it! Excited to receive 'Heal The Earth' for many of the same reasons. It is a book about caring about our planet & the people, animals & wildlife that live here. It also has a fun way of 'flying' though the story that engages the imagination & encourages conversations about the world & ways we can make it a better place for everyone, even people we have never met...

  2. Make Healing an Adventure... Julian Lennon with Bart Davis and Smiljana Coh.Wonderful children's book written by one of a kind artist Julian Lennon- who is always care, love and true meaning driven in everything he does- Noble Spirit." Heal The Earth" has simple but a very important message - it teaches to care for our planet and each other. Love the idea of the Imagination Power button - that stimulates kid's imagination and thinking capabilities. This lovely illustrated book brings adventure,...

  3. A lovely addition to Touch The Earth and written with the same easy approach to young readers. I asked 8 year old Austin what he liked most about the 2nd book in the trilogy ... he said everything! He said the illustrations are fabulous and very detailed. Austin says what he likes most about Mr. Lennon’s writing is that he makes the book very nice and friendly for kids. When asked how many stars he would give Heal The Earth he said 5 out of 5 definitely!

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