Heaven and Earth (1993)

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3 comments on “Heaven and Earth (1993)”

  1. A forgotten masterpiece that shows the other side An amazing and really underrated film. Perhaps Oliver Stone's most personal picture. It completes his Vietnam trilogy by showing the other side... the horrors that the Vietnamese endured under communism. A truly wonderful movie, with spectacular cinematography and score by Kitano. Great acting too. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. A must-own for all Oliver Stone fans and movie buffs.

  2. Heaven and Earth I can relate to this movie and find it extremely moving and correct as I met my wife while serving in Vietnam and had to return in 1971 to complete paperwork enabling My Wife and 3 month old Daughter to return to Australia with me and start a new life in Australia.We have had our ups and downs over the last 40 years so as I said it is very easy for me to understand what the Vietnamese felt the way they were used and treated by both sides even those that worked as Bar Girls those that had...

  3. Beautiful film that deserves more exposure. It is 2016 and I have never seen, or probably heard of this Viet Nam war era movie by Oliver Stone until recently. I asked some friends old enough to remember those years and they hadn't either. This movie is beautifully filmed and emotionally gripping. This is not a fantasy film, but quite honest in how the innocent villagers survived (some) the assaults from ALL sides. French, Viet Cong, North Vietnamese, South Vietnamese and we Americans. We should all see films like this many times...

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