Heaven on Earth, Family Style

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What if...- You lived with unbearable pain from an injured back after falling 36 feet, headfirst, from a farm silo? - Your children were confined to bed with debilitating illnesses? - Your medical bills had plunged you hopelessly into deep debt? - Your spouse was paralyzed by depression and anxiety? In Heaven on Earth Family Style, Norm shares the amazing story of how he and his wife encountered Jesus in a powerful way, regaining health and wholeness, and beginning an incredible adventure of faith.Once farmers from rural Pennsylvania, Norman and Betty Charles and their family spent ten years as missionaries in Brazil. Returning to Lancaster County, they launched Abundant Living Ministries, a Christian counseling organization which helps families and individuals discover and apply God's life-changing principles.

2 comments on “Heaven on Earth, Family Style”

  1. Heartwarming read! I first read this book when I was in my late teens/early twenties. I grew up in a horse and buggy Mennonite family. The story of this family and their relationship to the Jesus the Christ or the Holy Spirit was a life saver for me, at that time. I was very excited...my heart knew it was real. I talked to my mom about the things that happened to this family. My mother struggled with mental illness too. It hurt our family. I thought this was the answer. She was very wary after she saw the photos,...

  2. Inspiring A well written biography of a couple that grew up in Lancaster County, PA. They are raised in the church, but only after much hardship do they learn about living by the Holy Spirit and their lives are completely changed. They see healings and miracles, and are led to be missionaries in Brazil. Lots of amazing stories of the work of the Lord.

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