Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism - HOUR TWO

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3 comments on “Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism - HOUR TWO”

  1. Heaven on Earth The purchaser should purchase all three of these discs in order to get the whole picture of socialism. Both Ben Wattenburg and Joshua Muravchick, with help from others, have given the viewer a true and total picture of the failure of the 20th Century, socialism.Whether the socialism was of the dictatorial variety (communism and fascism) or the democratic variety, these programs show its failure. Part two also shows how socialism may start off as a free and democratic system in third...

  2. Other People's $ This is the second of a three hour documentary about Socialism. After WWII England was broke and it decided to try to operate with government assistance. A group in Israel tried it as well as a country in Africa. Initially it seemed to be working. Interviews and file footage.

  3. Never Rises Beyond the Comically Inappropriate Source Okay, I should have been smarter: I sat down hoping/expecting to seea reasonable, thoughtful examination of the history of Socialism.Since I constantly hear "socialism" used essentially as an epithet in the U.S.--despite the lack of any worthwhile agreed-upon working definition of the term--I sincerely hoped to learn something.My first clue that something was very wrong, was that the intro was by Ben Wattenberg.Now, I like and respect BW, but...

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