Heaven on Earth: The Rise, Fall, and Afterlife of Socialism

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Socialism was man's most ambitious attempt to supplant religion with a doctrine claiming to ground itself in “science.” Each failure to create societies of abundance or give birth to “the New Man” inspired more searching for the path to the promised land: revolution, communes, social democracy, communism, fascism, Arab socialism, African socialism. None worked, and some exacted a staggering human toll. Then, after two centuries of wishful thinking and bitter disappointment, socialism imploded in a fin de siècle drama of falling walls and collapsing regimes. It was an astonishing denouement but what followed was no less astonishing. After the hiatus of a couple of decades, new voices were raised, as if innocent of all that had come before, proposing to try it all over again.

Joshua Muravchik traces the pursuit of this phantasm, presenting sketches of the thinkers and leaders who developed the theory, led it to power, and presided over its collapse, as well as those who are trying to revive it today. Heaven on Earth is a story filled with character and event while at the same time giving us an epic chronicle of a movement that tried to turn the world upside down―and for a time succeeded.

3 comments on “Heaven on Earth: The Rise, Fall, and Afterlife of Socialism”

  1. The most educational book I have ever read This is a book I will read again soon. I learned so much, and now have a better understanding of socialism.I better understand it’s enticement and why it has not provided the outcomes intended. The kindle version is wonderful as it allows use of the dictionary, which I found invaluable. This book should be required reading for every high school and college student. I wish every American would read this.

  2. Socialism exhibits the same trappings and behavior as organized religions My copy of this book is sturdily bound and the lettering big enough. Mr Muravchik systematically exposes the incompatibility of Socialism with the current spiritual state of humankind. Socialism worked best when coupled with faith. At the end of the book the author makes the case why Socialism should be considered a secular religion. Great book.

  3. One of the most enriching reading experiences in my life Against the brain-washed and self-deluded Socialists in the story are some heroic -but nevertheless common- people. What's an authentic American, do you want to know? A true American is a man like George Meany. Thank God most Americans can recognize themselves in Meany, still in this age and time."To him, a plumber was a plumber, not a proletarian. A worker was a guy trying to squeeze the most he could out of his job and hoping to get a better one. And if he was something more than...

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