Heaven to Earth

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We are all haunted by the call, indeed command, to pray – to pray fervently, and without ceasing. And yet, people who pray are in constant search of a proven pattern, that gives power, and meaning, to this noblest of disciplines. Encompassing all of the essential elements of meaningful communion, and communication between Maker and man, in Heaven To Earth, Pastor Anthony Mangun distills more than fifty years of ministry – marked by the preaching and practice of intercessory prayer - down to just such a pattern. Mining the true meaning in each of the Divinely designed pieces of furniture found in the Tabernacle of Moses in the Old Testament, Pastor Mangun marks for us, a clear path into God’s presence.

3 comments on “Heaven to Earth”

  1. Game changer for your prayer life! Phenomenal book! Thankful for a Pastor that values prayer.This book answers the age old question of how to pray.

  2. Phenomenal book! Incredible book on prayer! I’m so thankful for a Pastor who not only teaches prayer but lives it!

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