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3 comments on “Here on Earth”

  1. Comfort Movie You know this storyline. You know how it will end. But that's why you'll watch it. Because sometimes you want predictable. You know it will make you smile and go awww at the end or it will make you cry big heaving tears. Whatever. It requires little of you, no complicated plots, no big surprises. Grab a bowl of ice cream, or a big bar of chocolate, get comfy cozy and just wrap yourself up in another comfort movie.They keep makin' them because we keep watching them. And that's ok.

  2. HOLLYWOOD FAKES A FIRST LOVE STORY While the storyline is interesting, it was not executed well in the time format. The film seemed like an outline for a movie and time wise it was never fully experienced by the audience. The actors were given too brief a period of time to communicate the depth of the relationship with scenes which did not enable the audience to experience the growth of the relationship between the couple. The script was not fully honest in that the young man who fell in love with the girl, deserted her...

  3. Beautiful love story What I like about this story is that the young man never changes. He is who he is. He loves her and she loves him. This is the story of two young people who meet and live on the other side of town. They have an instant attraction despite other people who do not like their budding relationship. The young woman has a male best friend who cares deeply for her. He has a wealthy Father who expects him to attend Princeton College. They both just graduated High school. They are both young and have...

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