Hidden Planet - Lost World of The Inca

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3 comments on “Hidden Planet - Lost World of The Inca”

  1. Dull and plodding anthropological series This is a selection of episodes from Jim Burroughs' 1997 "Quest" television show (rebranded as "Hidden Planet" for the 2017 re-release); but the antiquated production style looks more like something out of the 1970s. Despite the misleading "ancient alien" rebranding, this is actually just a dull and plodding anthropological documentary series that rather erratically examines ancient aboriginal cultures and their respective belief systems, while presuming to...

  2. Seems a bit dated... ...but the series is still interesting. I particularly enjoyed episode two, "The Samburu Way".

  3. The road less traveled Great documentaries giving some neat insight into places that most travelers don't get to see or venture when visiting these regions.

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