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3 comments on “Holiday”

  1. Absolutely great Xmas album Absolutely great Xmas album! Much-much better than the same from Jarreau (which I adore) or Take 6 (which I adore as well, but less than EWF))). No oversweet, no oversoft -- everything is perfect taste and full of uplifting energy, as always by Elements. Couple of self-covers (Happy Feeling and December aka September) are great and really fresh. Horn section is amazing!!!In general -- recognizable EWF sound from the first ear.P.S.Sorry my English, I'm from Russia. But I'm huge EWF...

  2. Listening Now. Great CD This is a high energy Christmas album in true EWF style. My favorite is Every Day is Like Christmas. There is only one EWF! Took too many years to record a Christmas album. It was worth the wait. I can see this becoming a favorite for many years to come. Not a traditional Christmas album. This is their take on it and present in true EWF fashion. I want to go to a concert in December to see them perform the songs. Maybe a DVD of a Christmas concert? Could we hope?

  3. Holiday . . . An Absolute Christmas Cracker! EWF are handing out the presents and I'm loving it . . . 13 fantastic holiday tunes that are totally reworking the familiar refrains into dazzling pieces emboldened by what EWF does best - groove, funk, soul, dance and most important, hooks! While there are traditional elements to this CD EWF is taking these songs to a whole new level - check out the amazing Winter Wonderland, O Come All Ye Faithfiul, What Child Is This, Joy To The World - all are masterful reinterpretations with the EWF...

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