Home (2009)

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3 comments on “Home (2009)”

  1. Amazing movie! Adorable with great life lessons I love this movie for so many reasons! Touches on so many topics/lessons for kids and is adorable as well! Initially I thought it might be annoying or for really young kids based on the cover picture, but this isn't the case at all!Love the lessons on diversity, accepting other cultures vs believing you are superior/smarter, etc, understanding emotions, consequences of mistreating others & being reckless, appreciation of art, power of music and dancing, being unique & different,...

  2. Best kids' movie for all ages that I have seen in ages I am almost 30 and I love this movie. It's a heartfelt story about an alien arriving on Earth with it's species. All humans have been put into a relocation center - that the aliens think is "better" and "nice" because it's filled with games and candy. One little girl accidentally was left in the city, and becomes a traveling companion for the alien. He made a mistake and is trying to run away, and she is trying to find her mom with her faithful cat named Pig. It's hilarious and...

  3. My kids are OBSESSED My kids are completely obsessed with this movie. They love the characters. When we aren't watching this movie, they are role playing the movie at home. They love the soundtrack. We listen to it non-stop in the car. They watch the show on Netflix. Basically all we do around here is Home related. I hadn't even heard of this movie before we stumbled across it on Amazon one day, and now it's my whole life.

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