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The Neanderthals had brow ridges to keep the sun out of their eyes, but why don't we? When a leading scientist walked into a wall and broke his nose, he decided to find out. In this fascinating and wide-ranging book, Dr. Ellis Silver examines the evidence that's all around us ... and discovers that we evolved on a world distinctly different from the one we live on today.

Here's what you'll discover:

53 factors that prove we couldn't have evolved on Earth Why we're here on Earth, and how and when we got here Where our true home planet is, and what it's like to live there Why valid evidence is ignored, denied and covered up by scientists and governments. (There's actually a very good reason.) What we really know about extraterrestrials and their spacecraft

Dr. Silver also uncovers:

The origins of RNA and DNA, and how life evolved - on Earth and elsewhere A more accurate timeline of human evolution - without the gaps and mistakes Why the Theory of Evolution is wrong - and how to fix it Why the Out of Africa theory is wrong - and what really happened And much, much more

Each topic is discussed in depth and backed up with concrete evidence. There are testimonies from expert witnesses, including former world leaders, astronauts, pilots, military personnel, and business leaders; and over 100 pages of references.

If you're interested in discovering the truth about humankind’s origins, this mindblowing and compelling book is a must-read.

A Kindle edition of this book is also available.

3 comments on “Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence”

  1. Man is Probably From Mars This an outstanding bit of thought-provoking research .. and common sense. The best part of this book is the step by step analysis ofwhy humans are (probably) from Mars as Brinsley LePoer Trench suggested in Skygods, but Ellis enumerates many (53) of ourphysical incompatibilities which he is right, should not be there IFwe evolved on Earth... our DNA and adaptation would have been assured by evolving within the sometimes antagonistic environment in which we live. And the key to...

  2. We evolved in a different Earth age, but not necessarily on a different planet! This is a very important subject. However for all those who jump to the conclusion that we evolved on a different planet, consider this: There was a great cataclysm around 12,000 years ago. The Earth, prior to that, was a very different place. It was 1/3 smaller(the continents fit together on ALL sides); oxygen content was over 30%; the gravity was less; the magnetic field was stronger; there was a water veil in the atmosphere; there was no axial tilt, and therefore no seasons. What was it...

  3. overall thought provoking This book has a lot of ideas of why we can't come from this planet but a lot of his assumptions are proven incorrect. He talks about how we don't get enough calcium. Research shows that we actually get too much calcium and that causes health problems. He also talks about we don't like the natural food here on earth, well that's because we has been programed to like processed junk food. I personally feel better eating a more natural diet of fruits and vegetables. This book is filled with...

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