I Am

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3 comments on “I Am”

  1. Upset that the vinyl is not clear/colored I am (pun intended) disappointed that the vinyl I received is not clear or colored, as many of the posted images show. Many of the images and reviews state that the vinyl is clear or red, but the one I received is standard black. Granted, the item description does not state that the vinyl is anything out of the ordinary, but the selling plain black vinyl where the item reviews and images show otherwise is deceptive at the least.

  2. Love Earth, Wind, and Fire. Love Earth, Wind and Fire and every thing they sing. This is another one of the great albums with lots of popular songs.

  3. Amazing to say the least. Where would I be in life without the inspiration of this band?I owe the happiness and good balance in my life to Maurice, Charles, Philip and the rest of the key contributors. Their sound and musical movement is timeless. Long Live EWF....

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