I'm from...Earth?: How Understanding Third Culture Kids Can Connect a Divided World

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Adult Third Culture Kids are rapidly increasing in number around the world. A people group hidden in plain sight around us, they are children of diplomats, military personnel, missionaries, and refugees. They can look like us, sound like us, act like us, but then also jump into a culture and country on the other side of the world where they may look like a foreigner but act and sound like a local. These people who grew up in multiple countries during their formative years are frequently misunderstood by their peers and family. However, they have a wealth of experiences and skills they've developed over the course of their childhood that help bridge a divided world. This book looks at their childhood struggles and blessings and also their adulthood as they navigate life with a multicultural soul in a world in love with black and white narratives. It provides insight and tools to better understand this unique, valuable, and ever-increasing people group called Third Culture Kids.

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