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  1. Even 80 year old eyes......... Actually the 80 year old eyes have perfect 20/20 and what a treat they enjoyed. I'm an old guy living in a retirement community with a great retirement and a very tolerant wife of 57 years. We no longer take big vacations so I have a very generous budget for anything that plugs in, takes batteries, or is rechargeable. Bought the discs based on great reviews even before I had a 4K player. Good deal 40 bucks for the discs and then $575.00 for the player. (Didn't share that whole deal with the...

  2. Arguably, the best thing you will ever see on a television! This is the BBC’s most gorgeous documentary series to date. Planet Earth II has plenty of new elements to admire. The show is eager to share. Narrator David Attenborough, sitting in a hot air balloon above snow drenched mountaintops, checks off each general advancement during the pilot:The filmmakers were able to get incredibly close to each animal thanks to innovative remote cameras.Further advancements in technology also meant discovering previously unobtainable “wildlife...

  3. Tears of joy Incredible. These haters are rating it low because they don't understand it's being released weekly. It deserves 6 stars. I'm a grown man and I cried tears of joy bruh.

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