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3 comments on “Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)”

  1. A Rollicking Good Time with Enjoyable 3D that Will Leave You Giggling for Joy Gone are the days of the simplistic action/adventure film, and luckily Journey to the Center of the Earth was of the last treats this genre has given us. The plot and characters are simple, and don't offer a lot, but their simplicity allows for the viewer to be engaged into this world more. Each character is likable, and while the dialogue can be cheesy I find that's part of its charm. The pace is fast and the characters are in constant danger after falling through the Earth. A lot of the...

  2. 3D Review by a 3D Connoisseur My ratings are based mainly on the QUALITY OF THE 3D, not the video content.OOS EFFECTS:There are about 25 out of screen effects that extend about 10% of the way, from the screen to the viewer, 44 effects between 25 and 30%, 6 at 40%, 3 at 50% and 3 more around 60%. If I had to pick just 3 of my favorite effects from this film, they would be the biting fish at up to 30%, the carnivorous plant around 35% and a glowing bird that flits around between 25% and 40% for about 20...

  3. Great 3D effects, poor packaging These Journey movies are some of the best in terms of 3D. At one point I actually jumped when something appeared to be flying at me; it was that good. The movie itself is cheesy, should just sort of adjust expectations.I do want to say, I knocked off a star for packaging and the condition in which the product arrived. Fortunately, the DVD remained safe, but the case was cracked front and back. The front was completely split.

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