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3 comments on “Journey to the Center of the Earth”

  1. Watch on Prime so your only loss is time. I’m all for a modern approach to this classic story but this isn’t it. Luckily it’s on Prime so I didn’t waste any money, just 87 minutes of my life. But, here are my thoughts on what I experienced (Warning: Spoilers)We’re sending a squad of soldiers on an experimental mission, oh, and since they’re women, make sure they only wear t-shirts. And since this is experimental and we don’t know what will happen, let’s make sure they not adequately armed and have no backup...

  2. “I don’t want to eat dinosaurs!” (Finicky, aren’t we.) The Asylum is synonymous with ‘done on the cheap.’ And done quickly too, by the look of it. The plot is a hodgepodge of other movies like Alien, The Core, and At the Earth’s Core. It begins as so many films do, starting at the height of some unknown danger then abruptly stopping, to pull back to “30 minutes earlier.” This false start does not help an already fragmented story that they had the audacity to blame on poor dead Jules Verne. Let’s be perfectly clear, Jules had absolutely nothing...

  3. Not the worst movie I have ever seen. In fact not even close but an embarrassment to the book. Come on now I've seen worse movies in the theater. I don't recommend it at all but it is far from being a total waste of time. In some ways it was more like a Hallmark movie and you knew what was going to happen well before it did. However to me the worst part was that the XRay feature was for some other movie

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