Judgment Day

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3 comments on “Judgment Day”

  1. Judgement now This is why digital film making should not have existed. Now its much cheaper to produce a movie with your neighbors and whoever else you can find on Craig's List. Those of you who like to laugh along with Mystery Science 3000 should love this one as long as the robots are firing smart ass comments, but without them, it's a bomb on a biplane. Bring back film, make it expensive so they think twice before they spend their allowance on things like this. No more. At least it wasn't some...

  2. Shockingly good! I'm watching this in 2019 & I must say...It's a great movie! If this was re-made by a big budget studio, I'm sure it will be a hit! Might I add that the women in this movie, although not widely-known, are HOT!!!

  3. It didn't completely suck. I don't get why you people offer 5 stars then write a crap review. That's not even artfully inflated. The story arc was entertaining, and the acting was consistently sour. More than one scene demanded I halt my suspension of disbelief and ruined the remnant of the entertainment value. That's what I get for watching a 3-star flick!Watch at your own risk - or with total abandonment of any expectation.

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