Jungle (4K UHD)

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3 comments on “Jungle (4K UHD)”

  1. Stunning Video and Animals! Purchased the digital version of this series. It is outstanding. The video these dedicated people were able to get is amazing and the clarity of the picture makes it feel like you are seeing these animals practically in a zoo setting. Highly recommend for not just showing off your new 4K HDR tv but for watching the greatness that is these animals in there natural habitat.

  2. May not play in all BlueRay Players These disks do not work in our Sony Blue Ray player. They are the only BlueRay disks I own that do not. Not sure what the issue is. We've tried multiple times and even put in another blue ray and got it playing, then ejected that working BlueRay disk and dropped one of these in (we've tried all enclosed disks) and none can be detected by our player.

  3. Narration missing on some episodes even on the watching online through Amazon Prime Bought this in the amazon prime video to watch online. Got 3/4ths of the way through the series when the next videos only have music and no narration. When I press on cc the captions came up but still no narration. Wish I could get a refund on this or amazon figure out why there's no narration on this prime video.

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