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The lonely Michigan surfing town of Great Water has a long history of inexplicable occurrences. A shocking double murder and suicide there in 1918 still draws tourists who want to see the house where Jack Spivey went mad. But that is only the best-known event in a list of unsolved disappearances and visits by vengeful ghosts. In November 2000, three people try to survive the weekend when a blood red moon appears and a strange portal opens in the forest near Spivey Point, creating a door between the physical and spirit worlds. Newly pregnant Jenny fights to find her beloved husband Lance after he disappears without a trace. Teenage surfer Eric gets a letter from his long-departed father, then finds a vintage surfboard washed ashore, which plunges him into exploring his mysterious past. And Martin, a lonely security guard, struggles not to succumb to madness.These three desperate souls cross paths as they try to uncover the secrets of Great Water.

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