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Lawn Mowing

Product Features

  • Mowing your lawn to proper height
  • Trimming grass edges near sidewalks or curbs
  • Blowing grass clippings from sidewalks or driveways
  • Clippings will be bagged or placed in resident's yard waste bin (if provided)
  • Grass length over 6 inches may result in a revised on-site estimate

3 comments on “Lawn Mowing With Edging - less than 5,000 sq ft, One-Time”

  1. Not Consistent E&D arrived twice and made good on their appointments. However the third time they did not come nor did they give any responses. I even rescheduled but again they did not bother with any of the appointments.

  2. but in all they did a good job. Arrived on time. Friendly crew members (3). They brought a whole trailer full of equipment to do the job. Completed the work in only 30 minutes for a medium size yard. Even pulled the grass out that was growing up out of the cracks in the sidewalk along the curb. Unfortunately a pile of lawn clipping from the edging along the driveway was left in the front yard and the trimming along the fence line could have been neater, but in all they did a good job.

  3. Did an awful job! Not happy at all. Did an awful job. Didn’t even cut the whole yard. Very disappointed with Amazon with this one.

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