Learning Resources Cross-Section Earth Model

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Introduce kids to Earth science with this hands-on foam model of planet Earth. The outside surface illustrates both continents and oceans with raised features. The hemispheres separate to show facts about the Earth’s core. Fact-filled activity guide included. Measures 5” in diameter.

Product Features

  • Foam model illustrates the different parts of Earth
  • Introduce kids to Earth science
  • Outside surface shows oceans and continents
  • Hemispheres separate to show the 4 main layers of Earth (crust, mantel, outer core, inner core) and temperatures
  • Ages 5+

3 comments on “Learning Resources Cross-Section Earth Model”

  1. Not for young children. The small foam male side pieces that fit into the female slots on the other half of the Earth break off pretty easily. After only 2 weeks in my classroom one had come off. I was able to super glue it, but after a month all 3 had come off at some point and I had re-glued them each at least once. I am a kindergarten teacher... and this was in my classroom... so yes, it got handled a lot. The kids didn't purposely pull of the pieces but were also not as careful as an older child would be. Not a...

  2. Great product to help introduce the basics about our planet ... Great product to help introduce the basics about our planet Earth in a Kindergarten setting. The children loved feeling the earth and discovering the layers. Really encouraged lots of group discussions about our beautiful planet.

  3. Good model, its not that big but it fits ... Good model, its not that big but it fits our homeschool needs. It opens easily and its made out of a a nice soft to the touch material. There are lots of DIY ideas on the internet that you might try, but for the long run I recommend this one..

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