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3 comments on “Life on Us: A Microscopic Safari”

  1. Terrific documentary, totally recommended! Terrific documentary on the current state of understanding of the microbiome. Scientifically knowledgeable viewers will see the current state of many things they have been watching develop for years. Those less up-to-date will be surprised and intrigued. Entertaining and literate. Totally recommended.

  2. NOT FOR KIDS It was very interesting, I liked it. BUT NOT FOR KIDS UNDER 13. There is mild nudity and an actual birth. A few curse words as well.

  3. Creepy Crawly Critters Fantastic explanation of the bugs which live on us and inside us. Each of us is truly a world of unseen critters. The fact that without these critters we would likely die is both frightening and amazing. Coming to terms with what we are--hosts, symbiotic partners, feeding grounds, etc.--is quite a mental exercise. After watching this movie, you will never look at yourself in the mirror the same way again. We are fascinating creatures. Watch this movie to learn why.

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