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Internationally acclaimed, this Best-Selling Metaphysical Mineralogical Encyclopedia describes over 1400 minerals and crystals illustrated with over 1400 color photographs. This final text in the Love Is in the Earth series and THE Last Testament has been prepared with love JUST FOR YOU by Melody.

This encyclopedia is meant to take the reader on an intimate journey into the subtle realms of crystal energy, assisting one in developing a loving affinity with crystals. The minerals in the photographs have not been enhanced, reflecting them as they are naturally. Many of these minerals have been reported previously in the Love is in the Earth series; within this encyclopedia, all of the new and/or updated information for the old minerals, and all of the new information for the new minerals is reported.

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3 comments on “LOVE IS IN THE EARTH: The Crystal & Mineral Encyclopedia--The LIITE Fantastic, The Last Testament”

  1. If you get this, you don't need anything else! I have Melody's smaller yet thick paperback which is all underlined and dogeared, but now so is this one. The photos are phenomenal. The information is intensive, complete, advanced. The index is very helpful. It gives you all you need to know in relation to the hardness of the gem and the information a gemologist would need, but more importantly to me, everything you need to know about the metaphysical and astrological properties of the gemstones. My ONLY complaint, is that it is way too heavy...

  2. Massive's great. I absolutely love this book. It is so heavy though. It's huge. The information in it is very helpful to those calling themselves "rock hound" or "crystal enthusiasts" and pretty much anyone with a fondness for lovely interesting stones. The photos are terrific in helping to identify stones.Update: There are a great many details that are not included. Even can only make a book so thick and so heavy before it is too cumbersome to utilize. It is a work out just lifting it so I...

  3. You might as well spend all your money and buy ... You might as well spend all your money and buy this one because everyone else copies it. Worth the money.

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