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3 comments on “Man from Earth: Holocene”

  1. Don't spoil your memories of the orginal Man From Earth by watching this sequel. I’ve just finished watching Man From Earth: Holocene and this is less a review than a warning.The original film was a fitting demonstration of a writer at the top of his form. Jerome Bixby’s script was a skilled piece of technical work that broke the rules when it came to what we expect in the way a story is told on film. Instead of a plot driven more visually, we have one made of dialogue and character, with a single setting. It succeeds brilliantly when it really shouldn’t...

  2. The original Man from Earth is one of my favorite movies. I saw the sequel had come out ... The original Man from Earth is one of my favorite movies. I saw the sequel had come out and immediately bought it without reading the reviews. ow I have buyer's remorse. Compared to the original, this is z zero star movie. Compared to all movies, this is probably a two star movie. If you enjoyed the original film, avoid this sequel...and when you finish watching the movie, remind yourself that you should have listened to me.

  3. TV series episode.... I was a huge fan of the first movie. I liked this one alot - sort of... although the ending was designed like a tv series. Like as if they left out the final scene....not even a cliff hanger or suggestive as to the next movie. If you watch the special features, it will tell you that at some point. I feel it shouldn't have been sold as a movie sequel. It should have been sold as series episode one....for alot less money. Like would you pay twenty bucks for one episode of ..say...Firefly or the...

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