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This Metal Earth tool kit is perfect for anyone who enjoys creating the wide range of 3D Metal Earth models. This tool kit comes with three different tools which facilitate in the building of 3D Museum Quality Models from steel sheets. Clipper: Great for cutting pieces from the metal sheet. Eliminates the need to remove each piece by bending back and forth Flat Nose Pliers: Used to hold parts securely and to create tight connections by pulling and twisting the tabs Needle Nose Pliers: Also used to hold parts plus bend and twist tabs but can reach places in which the flat nose pliers do not fit

Product Features

  • Facilitates the building of 3D Museum Quality Models from Steel Sheets
  • 1 x Clipper, 1 x Flat Nose Pliers, 1 x Needle Nose Pliers
  • Fascinations presents their 3 peice Metal Earth Tool Kit, perfect for helping to create your 3D Metal Earth model.
  • Bends, holds, and twists the metal parts easier. So you don't have too!

3 comments on “Metal Earth 3-Piece Tool Set - Clipper - Flat Nose Pliers - Needle Nose Pliers”

  1. I don't recommend buying this brand I don't recommend buying this brand, this is my 2nd order replacement/returned. The edge not flat equal to other size. when close, space between gaps. The metal look cheap qualities. Attach 4 pictures of 1st and 2nd set bad designed.

  2. DO NOT BUY THESE! - JUNK! Oh man, when I saw this product with Metal Earth's name on it, I got very excited. What a let down! These tools are junk. I LOVE the actual Metal Earth figurines and have made about 10 of them now, but these tools don't work well at all.The cutter--simply DOES NOT at allThe shorter pliers--leaves dents in anything you use it on ruining the tiny pieces for the figurinesThe long nose pliers--semiworks, but not as well as tweezersI ended up having to go to...

  3. Utter Cr*p Tools I have to agree with the other reviews here. The quality is complete and utter garbage. Please, don’t waste your money. Go to the local hardware or hobby store and buy the equivalent there.Issues to note:- Gaps at the closing end of the tool (kind of a big deal when dealing with materials these are supposedly built for)- Machining residue left on tools (nbd to clean, but indicator of how much they care)- Uneven tooling on sides (if you try and be smart and...

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