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Metal Earth – from sheet steel to mind boggling 3D Metal Model Kit. Easy to cut components from the metal card (11 x 11 cm) without any form of adhesive pieces assemble. Each model shows an amazing loyalty to detail. Comes with easy to use building instructions. A pair of tweezers and long nose pliers make it easy to build the models. For all teens and adults Tüftler – not a child's toy. Age: 14 +

Product Features

  • 3-D model made of metal
  • No glue is needed
  • Detailed models
  • Great for collecting or as a gift
  • Historic buildings and vehicles + various licenses

3 comments on “Metal Earth Fascinations MMS093 502513, Hubble Telescope, Construction Toy – 1 Board, Ages 14 +”

  1. I suggest different directions I have a handful of these little models, but I can honestly say that if this had been my first one, I would never have made another. The end result is the same quality you expect from this series, but getting there was not fun at all. I found myself taking parts of it back apart, so here's what I suggest for directions:It's very hard to see, but piece 2 attaches to piece 1 in two spots. It lays parallel to and just above an engraving that matches it almost identically. I broke...

  2. This model was fun, completed fairly quick, and not difficult! I just recently started building these models, my first was the dragon fly (!! good beginner model-- it allows you experience on how things need to be bent and formed-- I personally enjoyed it!). This model was fun, completed in one lazy morning and was not difficult. I was worried I'd break the antennas but the trick is to wait until the stand is set up so you can stand up the model and then pull them out. I use tweezers to bend the tabs and metal and nail cuticle clippers to break off the...

  3. This fun challenge may not be for beginners! Difficulty Rating: 8/10Tools Recommended: Clippers, Flat Nose Pliers, Needle Nose Pliers, TweezersI've done a handful of these models and this was by far the most difficult. It took me a few hours of off and on again working to get it just right.This model has several pieces, many of which are small and flimsy. With that in mind, be sure to proceed putting this one together with caution. It is very easy to break pieces or bend them too far. While you might need a...

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