Mission Earth: Advanced Messages for Psoyca Ground Crew (Beyond Second Cognition)

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This is the 7th Volume of the Beyond Second Cognition series. The world in which we live is in chaos. This chaos is only going to escalate as people see their reality spinning out of control. There is a very explicit reason for this chaos which most of humanity is completely unaware of.Humanity is caught between cycles of colliding realities. There is a new form of energetic reality moving into our planetary influence at this time, and this new field of energetic awareness brings with it the opportunity for humanity to change itself for the better, or perhaps find itself extinct if it refuses to change itself.There is a bigger game afoot on the cosmic scale of which most of humanity is completely unaware, while people live their lives lost in a world of perceptual illusion and invisible slavery over their minds and consciousness.Mission Earth explains in graphic detail part of humanity's past and what humanity is now facing at this point in its evolutionary development. This book is a hard-hitting, bare-fisted, gloves-off presentation. It is not written for victims or those who can't handle a harsh word here and there. It is a no holds barred expose of what humanity is experiencing at this point of human history and why. Only the strong will be able to deal with the contents of this book. It is not for emotional pushovers, so be advised before you buy. As they say, reality bites, and this book provides a big bite of a reality that humanity has yet to discover.

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