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This is a country lifestyle service magazine focused on do-it-yourself living, personal achievement, outdoor recreation, thrift and the blending of the old-fashioned with modern ingenuity. Its articles cover equipment, tools, gardening, health and home remedies, home building and repair, fishing, natural food and cooking products, recycling, country lore and small scale farming.

3 comments on “Mother Earth News”

  1. I recommend you check out this enjoyable resource My first issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS arrived a few days ago and it covered so many subjects I am interested that I felt it was written for me!I had occasionally purchased issues I ran across on a newsstand--but that was very hit - or - miss, Subscribing was a very wise choice for me.Articles are interesting and informative . Whether you want to go "off the grid" or just want gardening tips and recipes, I recommend you check out this enjoyable resource.

  2. and general knowledge is great for me as a homemaker This publication is immensely helpful. The homemaking advice, recipes, and general knowledge is great for me as a homemaker. I love being able to learn new ways to apply knowledge our grandmothers probably knew like how to bake bread from scratch, raise chickens, and other knowledge.

  3. You won't be disappointed I have been reading Mother Earth since they started way back when. It's so informative!

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