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3 comments on “Nazis at the Center of the Earth”

  1. Not your normal “B” movie If you are looking for a fun night of good old fashioned Nazi zombies and cheesy special effects, boy did you pick the wrong movie. This movie was intense with lots of graphic stomach turning violence, extreme torture and scenes of very disturbing sexual violations. If you are not ready for such exploitative scenes it will be enough to make you queasy. This is definitely not for younger viewers.There are a lot of your basic cheesy aspects don’t get me wrong. Just the name alone...

  2. What was anyone expecting? Okay to clarify two things, 1 I know that this was meant to be a parody of iron sky, and wolfenstien 3D. And 2. It's the Asylum. I paid to watch a needlessly violent and cheesy movie and that's what I got. For the people who claim that this movie was written by 10 year olds let me just say that ain't so. The Asylum actually did their research as back in 1939 the Nazis did send out a small escapade to build basses in Antarctica. They even say where they got there source material from in the...

  3. Is it possible to make nazi's fun? Yeah, it is! I came into this with low expectations, judging by the title, I expected a low budget disaster. I was wrong. It starts out kinda slow and the story is goofy in the extreme, but the acting is above par for this type of film and the special effects are actually quite good.If you can get around all the plot holes and gaps in logic, this is a great film for torturing your friends!

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