Ocean Mysteries - Secrets of the Deep

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3 comments on “Ocean Mysteries - Secrets of the Deep”

  1. Teaches and entertains kids and adults Love this science show for kids about ocean animals. Jeff Corwin is a balanced mix of enthusiastic and concerned about the topics. Each episode also has a good balance of easily accessible science and deeper concepts. Just the right length and content for my 3rd grader, but my 7th graders and I enjoy the show too. Love Jeff's focus on current science research and conservation methods - this makes it relevant to our lives today and teaches the kids about science careers.

  2. I love documentaries, animal shows etc I love documentaries, animal shows etc, but I usually watch when there is nothing else on. However with Jeff Corwin, I love love love Jeff Corwin!! I would probably watch a tooth cleaning tutorial if Jeff Corwin was in it. This show is a winner in my house! The show is very interesting, well done and just plain good and Jeff adds his sense of humor and style making it one of my favorites shows. I hope it has many seasons and thank goodness I can stream and watch when I want! I rate it five...

  3. I love anything that has to do with animals and nature I love anything that has to do with animals and nature. The ocean and sea creatures are so fascinating. I enjoyed the episodes on Coral Reefs. It is tragic that the reefs are deteriorating but the research to grow them in the lab and then grafting them on to the reefs is amazing. I particularly like octopuses and jellyfish. These shows are the best for just taking time to watch and learn and relax.

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