On Earth As It Is In Heaven: Love: One

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Warning: The contents of this book are disregarded at your own risk! The contents are healthful and insightful if contemplated and meditated upon. The ingredients include: poetry, prose and other sentiments about love, life and finding the way and timeless truth at the heart of all space and what matters. Other ingredients include: Discussion and dialogue, as food for thought, to find your way home and rediscover this moment, eternity, the universe. Meditations and dedications from the heart, in compassion, as a cosmos. This is a book is about regaining our holy, whole and healthy life, not just as an individual, a group or humanity, but as a universe or deeper still, metaspiritually as the sacred goodness of God al-one. Beyond the time it takes for evolution, before a single thought, stop, look, listen and feel the heartbeat and rhythm of this place. The treasure map is inside and this is the spirit of our laws and constitution, compassion and this is the intent upon every page. These readings are transfiguring sides back to our essential interconnectedness and quintessential interdependence. Through re-looking and respecting, valuing and appreciating this given moment, the sentiment and sincerity of love is found within. Our thoughts are time bound, our judgments often prejudice, and our debates endless. This book is designed to help find us. This book is written for us and this book is written to aid us in remembering our book is written by us. Beyond label and divide, this book is not just for some of us, but for all of us, once and for all. We're in this together. Perhaps we can reconfigure our debates into discussion. Read, listen, and find commonsense and reunite us, again.

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