On Earth

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Perfect for Earth Day!

Climb aboard a giant spaceship . . . the Earth! In glorious art, G. Brian Karas illuminates our Earth and its cycles and does a brilliant job of making the concepts of rotation and revolution understandable. As you travel, watch shadows disappear into night, and feel the sun on your face as winter turns into spring. All these amazing things happen because the Earth is constantly in motion, spinning and circling, gliding and tilting. As passengers of the Earth, our voyage never ends!

3 comments on “On Earth”

  1. 5th grade My students has a great understanding of how fossil fuels are made and their effects on the earth after reading this book. They are still referencing this book after 4 months.

  2. Fun for Toddlers At 18 months, my daughter picked this book at the library, we read it and had to buy it. The art is beautiful, the layout and style of the illustrations cleverly help to explain the concepts in the book (gravity, solar system, Earth's rotation and orbit of the sun, calendar, seasons). The writing is excellent and fun. Our child constantly request this book. It is not a long read, yet it is entertaining, satisfying and packed with information about our days (our planet). The day and night cycle...

  3. Lovely story, educational topic, easy to understand I have now purchased two copies of this book for my 3 year old son. (one as a gift to his Montessori preschool to complement their existing birthday ritual involving the rotation of the earth around the sun) The story ties together the basic elements of the passage of time in a way that is accessible, engaging and entertaining for young children. My children are all 3 and under and have been enjoying this book for more than a year. As they get older they understand more and more of what...

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