Our Hollow Earth: An Inner World Paradise, Or A Gateway To Hell?

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There is said to be a vast world beneath our feet, a civilization located at the innermost core of our planet. Some call it the Hollow Earth or the Inner Earth. It has been described as a virtual paradise by some and a horrifying, hellish nightmare by others. Doorways into this mystery realm have been sought for centuries. Some say they have actually “slipped inside” our planet. A number have given extraordinary accounts of their voyage, while others have vanished, never to be seen by another living soul again.Frankly, the text books – according to the experts consulted for this volume – are all wrong! For, if you think life exists only on the surface of the planet, you have been listening to the “party line” way too long. There are those who see the Earth as being multilayered, and that what goes on “above” definitely goes on “below” – and maybe more so to the extreme.

Many have been led to believe that the first tale of a voyage inside our hollow globe was told by Jules Verne. “Journey To The Center Of The Earth” is the exciting story of a group of adventurers who are dying of hunger and thirst in the dark caverns below. They encounter prehistoric beasts before arriving at their destination, thousands of miles beneath our planet’s surface. The tale was science fiction – or was it? Soon others were to come forward to relate their own perilous adventures in the dark dimensions beneath our feet. But Verne had NOT been the first writer to use this as a basis for his tale. Whether he had simply invented the story or based it upon rumors that were making the rounds in Europe, stories saying that the center of the planet was not furnace-like, but a beautiful “otherworldly paradise” in the category of an Eden, as it would be described Biblically.

In fact, more than a hundred years before, a Norwegian scholar wrote a tome that has almost been forgotten in the centuries that have passed. In this work he spoke of a weird variety of intelligent beings who interacted with the hero of his story. A full translation of this RARE work is presented here in polished English for today’s student of the Hollow Earth theory. There are also to be found tales of fifteen-foot giants, a variety of hideous monsters and ten-foot tall reptilians living underground who inhabit a vast tunnel system constructed by a civilization that departed thousands upon thousands of years ago from the surface of the planet after the air aboveground became highly radioactive. There is evidence that the governments and the militaries of various nations know of the existence of this Inner World, but keep it a closely guarded secret. These official agencies are also aware that the objects we know as UFOs originate from inside this Inner World, and that a “privileged” group of Nazis escaped to the Hollow Earth through entrances at the South Pole. America’s aviation ace, Admiral Richard Byrd, ventured across this icy hidden stronghold but left without confronting the potential menace concealed there. There are even possible links to the assassination of John F. Kennedy associated with the Inner Earth. Yes, there were giants in the Earth in Biblical times – and they possibly still exist, not far from where we live, mere miles below our towns and homes.

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