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The concluding volume of The History of Middle-earth series, which examines the Appendices to The Lord of the Rings. The Peoples of Middle-earth traces the evolution of the Appendices to The Lord of The Rings, which provide a comprehensive historical structure of the Second and Third Ages, including Calendars, Hobbit genealogies and the Westron language. The book concludes with two unique abandoned stories: The New Shadow, set in Gondor during the Fourth Age, and the tale of Tal-elmar, in which the coming of the dreaded Numenorean ships is seen through the eyes of men of Middle-earth in the Dark Years. With the publication of this book, the long history of J.R.R. Tolkien's creation is completed and the enigmatic state of his work can be understood.

3 comments on “Peoples of Middle-Earth (History of Middle-Earth)”

  1. Good if you can find it for 20 Bucks or less. I agree with Darrell H. 's review of this book. However i gave it an extra star for some of the extra tales contained there in. This series is ONLY Recommended for the hardcore Tolkien fan. Most of the commentary in between is an analysis of Toliens writing and i found it tediously boring. I really dont care about a certain letter or note found in a drawer with some scribbled writing on it about some obscure tale that is 3 sentences long. I also found the paragraph and subsection references...

  2. An Intriguing Read! The 12th volume of the History of Middle Earth: The Peoples of Middle-Earth focuses on the evolution of the appendices which were written for Tolkien's The Return of the King and portions of two abandoned stories by Tolkien. It is a very interesting read, if you are interested in exploring the creation of Tolkien's universe by getting a chance to read copies of his old manuscripts. Do not get this book expecting it to read like a history of the Middle-Earth Legendarium, rather it is a history...

  3. Excellent source for Middle-earth character background Well, ahem, how would I describe the plot of this book? Err, um... heh. I can't! But that doesn't matter. If you love the characters of Middle-earth, this book reveals so much of the rich history that Tolkien created. I absolutely love it for referring to his languages, character names, and background character stories. I also find it very interesting to read Tolkien's early drafts. I appreciate the commentary by Christopher Tolkien that clarifies it.

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