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A basic and enjoyable introduction to our planet from Washington Post/Children’s Book Guild Award winner Gail Gibbons!

What if we could open up our planet and look inside? From its red-hot core to the highest mountain peak, come see the ins and outs of Earth as you’ve never seen them before in a colorful introduction to the powerful forces shaping our home.

With detailed illustrations and diagrams, Gail Gibbons offers a classroom-ready nonfiction picture book that makes complex scientific concepts understandable and entertaining for young readers.

3 comments on “Planet Earth/Inside Out”

  1. Written for pre-schoolers? Nope. This book is marketed as if it's for preschoolers. As a science educator, I'll tell you flat out: it's not.After sitting down and reading the book with my 4 year old, I'd wager a guess that the university professors who wrote this book don't have children of their own, because in terms of tone and presentation it completely misses the mark.The content delves into concepts such as plate tectonics, the earth's magnetic field, etc. Fine for a 7-8 year old, and maybe even a...

  2. Brilliantly done! My son was having some issues when it came to learning about the Earth, and understanding all of it's layers.We loved this book! It was very easy for my son to understand the points, and he learned quickly what the school material had complicated for him. With beautiful photos, and excellent illustrations, I would recommend this book to anyone.

  3. Good informative and interesting book for kids This is a good informative book for kids. My seven year old loves it. There are big words but it’s not too scientific for a kid either. I will be buying other books in this series.

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