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3 comments on “Plants, Earth's Quiet Rulers”

  1. Moronic Narration What the hell is with the idiotic narration??? Can't use proper terms or even basic english??"AVOID of life???" (devoid of life) ... "Leg aying season???" (egg laying season)No way to tell if it's just awful writers who didn't know how to direct the voiceover actor, or if the actor is just that dumb.

  2. one of the best on evolution Maybe it's not the best nature documentary, but the best on the topic that I've seen so far. Maybe not many producers put their money and effort on a controversial topic that a third of the population does not accept? Having said that, the video quality is as good as any documentaries.It's so interesting! The contents are rather updated so a lot of things I haven't seen or read elsewhere before. Dinosaurs with feathers are rather new discoveries and the doc produced lots of...

  3. Leg aying season? Really? Another vote for this series having a terrible narrator. Episode 4 Narrator: During leg aying season... Meanwhile, the subtitles said "egg laying season." Lol. Ok. Very professional.Also, the soundtrack sounds like it comes from an old video game.Has some interesting information, though.

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