Pocket Hugg-A-Planet Earth, and Moon 2 Piece Bundle Set

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The award winning Pocket Hugg-A-Planet Earth. Same artwork as our Classic with over 600 places labeled this Hugg-A-Planet also includes a deep Velcro pocket. Perfect for classrooms, dorm rooms or nurseries these beautiful, simple reference Globes are meant to inspire peace, and geo-learning. Best when paired with more a detailed world atlas. And inside the pocket is a very detailed globe of our Moon, featuring over 100 lunar labels, there are craters, lunar landing sites, and other locations from our Moon. This beautiful Hugg-A-Moon is made in proportion to our Hugg-A-Planet Classic and Pocket versions.

Product Features

  • 600 Places Labeled
  • Cotton Shell Filled with all New Materials
  • Machine Washable
  • 6 inch Velcro Pocket
  • 2 Piece Bundle Set

3 comments on “Pocket Hugg-A-Planet Earth, and Moon 2 Piece Bundle Set”

  1. but my 10-year-old and toddler love it, and have fun playing with it together We've had this just one night, but my 10-year-old and toddler love it, and have fun playing with it together. My toddler didn't want to let it go at first, and carried it around and cuddled with it for maybe 20 minutes straight! She held it up to me and asked, "What is this?" Then repeated "Earth" when I told her, "That's the planet Earth!" She wanted to get her hands on it as soon as we took it out of the box. I put the moon inside the pocket and closed it up before...

  2. Small world My kids (1 y/o and 4 y/o) love this duo. It came with a little card showing both toys floating in the ISS, which my eldest loves to look at and show off to visitors. A good, truly huggable way to help instill love for our planet and moon in little ones.

  3. Love it The countries are nicely colored and labeled. My 3 you absolutely loves it. I've actually caught her using a flashlight to look at it at night when she's supposed to be sleeping. During play time, it's easy to talk about the different areas of the planet and where we are verses where other places are.

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