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3 comments on “Return to Earth”

  1. Poor depiction of MTB If you like mountain biking, do yourself a favor and watch some excellent free content from 50:01 or the British Pie series. If you want to see amazing nature camera work, watch Blue Planet or Planet Earth. This video unsuccessfully tries to blend both into a mess of slow motion and cheesy narration. There's 5 minutes of good riding in this video, 4 minutes of which is available for free (Brett Rheeders part), and the rest is filler.

  2. 30-70 year olds will LOVE THIS MOVIE! Those bagging on this movie are probably 16 and bitter they dropped paper delivery money on an "old persons" soundtrack! LOL!! Great riding, wonderful "grab life while you can" theme throughout with a KILLER "old-school" soundtrack (come on, Beach Boys, the Who, Five Man Electrical Band, Steppenwolf, Free Ride by Edgar Winter Group- WHAAAAT?!?!?!!) Those kids shredding in Whistler at age 12 make you feel super young and bring a smile to your face as you think about your kids and (maybe for...

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