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3 comments on “Rocketman: Mad Mike's Mission to Prove the Flat Earth”

  1. The inspirational story of an Anti-Hero. If you ask someone if they've heard about the guy who built a homemade rocket to launch himself in to prove the Earth is flat, most of the time, they'll respond with a "oh yeah, I've heard of that guy." Well, now, the film is out, and it's an enjoyable ride you'll want to take over and over again. Not so much about flat-Earth, in fact, very little of the film revolves around the theory. Moreso, it's a sweet tasting desert adventure of "launching something pretty cool."'Mad' Mike...

  2. Waste of time, click bait doc that isn't even about flat earth. Yet another "flat earth documentary" about some sad, lonely guys building a rocket. Starts off coated in flat earth "controversy" then without giving any science or any argument for flat earth, what so ever, the doc shifts to some weird pseudo religious "we can do anything" fluff with the guy calling up financing companies and saying, and I quote "Yeah I need 2 million dollars to shoot myself into space, can you help me" and thats the extent of his pitch. He also calls a local impound yard who...

  3. What I thought was a joke turned out to be an edge of my seat documentary Cinematography and film making was out of this world. Such a fantastic story! I originally thought a steam rocket was a joke... I have since been corrected. Such a well made filmed on a story that is purely engaging. Say what you want about Mike, this guy is reaching for the stars. Excellent documentary!

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