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Sacred Earth Botanicals Vegan Massage Cream (1 Gallon)

Product Features

  • FRAGRANCE FREE, NUT OIL FREE, GLUTEN FREE - by avoiding these common allergens you can accommodate a wider variety of clients
  • USDA ORGANIC OILS AND EXTRACTS - by using products with organically grown ingredients you support a system of farming that is more environmentally friendly than conventional farming because organic crops cannot use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
  • CERTIFIED VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE - rest assured that there are no animal products used in the formulation of this cream and we do not test on animals

3 comments on “Sacred Earth Botanicals Vegan Massage Cream”

  1. My all time favorite massage cream I have been using this cream for years for my Massage Therapy practice, but this was the first time I have ordered it from Amazon. Super convenient to not have to drive an hour to San Francisco to get it! I have very sensitive skin and can only have fragrance free, high quality and pure products on my skin. This cream is top of the line, vegan, organic and completely pure. My clients absolutely love how it feels and it does not leave a greasy residue after the massage, it soaks in to the skin...

  2. Rich without being heavy; non-reactive. This is the cornerstone product in my therapeutic massage practice. It performs well in a variety of modalites and is well tolerated by a variety of skin sensitivities--including my own. It entirely outshines oil or lotion alone products but incorporates the best attributes of both to support the client's integumentary response to the bodywork. Its lack of distinct scent means it lends itself well to incorporating quality essential oils as well as being inoffensive when used without...

  3. Feels like butter This creme melts in your hands like butter! It's great for all bodywork, including gliding. I'll stick one use worths in the towel warmer for about 10 minutes or so and it warms nicely without changing the texture. It will melt down into a liquid if you leave it in long enough, but it doesn't effect it negatively like it does to some cremes. It also doesn't leave that sticky feeling to the skin like an oil would, and is nicer on your linens. There are some cheaper cremes I could use, but I feel...

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