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Carefully plotted out to follow the course of the South Direction of the Medicine Wheel and to guide you to the inner-most parts of your heart, this journal will assist you in gaining more awareness of the energy the Sacred Heart Warrior brings. By the time you finish these 3 months, you will have a soul-filled journal and a heightened awareness of self-love, emotional congruency, your relationships, intuition, and much, much more.Each Month, create one focus/goal that you would like to specifically work towards. This sets your intention for the month. You’ll also be able to create goals in each of the areas of your life. Getting clear about what you would like to achieve is the first step towards realizing your goals and dreams. The East Direction of the Medicine Wheel is the energy we use in creating these goals, the South Direction is the energy needed to nurture them and bring them to life.In the South Direction, there is much emphasis on our emotional body and building our emotional intelligence muscle. At the end of each day, return to your weekly overview page and write in the dominant emotion you felt that day. This helps you to become more aware of the emotions arising throughout your day but also gives you a starting place to notice patterns and repeat offenders.In your weekly overview, you have space for your “Get To Do” list. Our words have power and by shifting our vocabulary from “have to do” to “get to do” will shift your mood from negative to positive. Each week, make your lists of all the things you get to do that will help nurture your life and bring balance, movement, abundance and more to your life.In the South Direction, the dominant energy is “nurturing” and you can also track how well you do in nurturing your self-love muscle, relationships, and bringing vibrancy into your life. If you wish, choose a reward for yourself if you meet your nurturing goals by at least 80%. It’s important to reward ourselves, and have fun (another attribute of the South)At the end of your week, do a check in with yourself to see how you grew and flourished, and where you might have been challenged.Each week also follows a different “theme” which coincides with the Gaia Wisdom Shamanic Mentorship and each day you will receive both a challenge and a reflective question for that day and that theme. Use the questions as a reflection at the end of your day.If you would like more information about joining the Mentorship, please visit our website at www.

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