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3 comments on “Salt - Tears of the Earth”

  1. Amazing that people still work in places like this in the 21st Century This is a very interesting view of how salt is harvested worldwide. It is also very humbling to see how hard some people in poorer countries work just to have salt to sell for their yearly harvest. I can't imagine hauling salt blocks across such a barren landscape, on foot, with only a heard of llamas for carrying the load, for a 42 day trip each way. Or standing in evaporation ponds for hours on end pulling the salt up into piles. If you are reading this, then I assume you have at least...

  2. Puts a human face on an ancient industry 4.5 stars. This fascinating documentary puts a very human face on the very ancient and back-breaking industry of salt mining. By focusing on regions in Bolivia, Turkmenistan and Portugal (primarily), we learn the process by which salt is harvested as well as get to know the people whose livelihood depends on it, often under harsh conditions. We also learn about some of the history of salt mining in Europe. It is very nicely filmed, written and narrated. What would have made this a perfect...

  3. Superb documentary Superb documentary of salt gathering in Bolivia, Portugal, Turkmenistan, and Austria. Much of the scenery looks more desolate and more exotic than pictures of the moon landings The people gathering the salt work so hard it seems strange that salt is so cheap. The film itself is a model of its kind, with excellent photography, informative dialogue well enunciated, and wonder of wonders, music which is suitable and doesn't drown out the commentary. Highly recommended.

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