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3 comments on “Scorched Earth: Africa Korps”

  1. A more appropriate title for this piece would be "The ... A more appropriate title for this piece would be "The British complain about Rommel over and over as they are STILL embarrassed how he kicked their butts all over the place and would have still been doing so at the end of the war had it not been for a massive flood of armor, artillery, petrol, and all other logistics supplied by the industrial powerhouses in the U.S. "

  2. but he is still one of the greatest generals who ever lived Was ok, until they kept dragging on about Rommel's limitations. Can anyone show me a general who did not have limitations? It is true that it is good to understand a generals shortcomings when studying him, but I will say that too much of it, to be frank, begins to sound like bitching rather than history. I am sure that we could talk about Napoleon's shortcomings all day long, but he is still one of the greatest generals who ever lived. When we look to figures like Rommel in history, we look to...

  3. Pretty good documentary This is a pretty good British documentary about the German Africa Corps. Little mention is made of the Italian troops. Those very familiar with the history can find a small point or two about which to quibble, but overall this is well done and essentially accurate. I found one of the most interesting things to be the differences in Rommel's appearance at the begining of the North Africa campaign and his appearance as the campaign progressed. Obviously Rommel was aged and made ill by his...

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