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3 comments on “Scorched Earth: Sinews of War”

  1. Good documentary about German WW2 supply problems. Sinews of War is about the German problems of supplying their field armies. Only two minutes talk about the Mulberry ports after D-Day showsthe Allied problems. It also is told from the front lines of the armies Point of View. The two guest commentators explain what the problems are,often saying the same thing, but the point of view from the rear lines is not quite presented. A little trickle of information about the Africa Corps'sproblem but one line about the similar...

  2. lines of supply There has never been a war without lines of supply. From the factories and fields to the front line. We will once again go to war. Peace is the temporary. Preparation for war is the constant. Peace winds being little more than the time between wars. Lines of supply will determine who wins or loses the next one just as it did the past ones.

  3. WW2 documentary This was a very good documentary analyzing the logistics of the German army in the east.

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