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3 comments on “Scorched Earth”

  1. Didn't expect much and was pleasantly surprised. Had no idea who Gina Carano was until now and I watch non-acclaimed shows on 1.5+ speed because they are usually boring. The premise of the entire film was intellectually insulting, but the acting carried the day drawing you in pretty well. I completely forgot that the characters needed to use breathers and didn't for the last 30 minutes of the film. Great supporting cast of fine character actors helped, of course, but it was a very solid B+ film.

  2. Real Action Heroine Tired of watching supermodels and stunt doubles in female action movies? Then watch real action heroine. Gina Carano is an MMA legend and kicks butt in this movie as only a true fighter can.

  3. A post apocalyptic Western It's a pretty good movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of action with a good story line.

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